Surplus Marketplace

Who is Surplus Marketplace?

Surplus Marketplace is a boutique full-service, licensed Texas auction company. Service is our number one priority. We recognize the value of all parts of our auction process, and treat all relationships with care. Consignors, partners, and buyers are all equally valuable in the cycle of an auction, and we work diligently to deliver a service that recognizes all, with integrity and trust.

We have a seasoned team who has worked together for more than ten years; each member of the Surplus Marketplace team has 10-15+ years of industry experience. We are experts in all aspects of the auction process, including auction setup, logistics, project management, marketing, account management, operations, and financials.

Our Specialities

Surplus Marketplace are resale experts in all commercial assets; however we specialize in surplus medical and laboratory equipment. We hold the proper TDSHS medical device salvage broker license, and follow all Texas DPS requirements. We understand all asset values, what brings the highest return, how to market each auction, and how to sell accordingly. Surplus Marketplace has a long-standing, established buyer base, with new bidders signing up daily. is a proprietary auction software that is accessible across all internet-connected devices around the world. Our priority is to meet the needs of our sellers and have incorporated pertinent attributes to help the asset redistribution including the collection of asset numbers.

Benefits of Surplus Marketplace Services

  • Licensed Texas auctioneers & medical salvage broker 
  • Ability to provide custom solutions to meet your specific need 
  • Sustainability-minded - keep items out of the landfill 
  • We send checks, not invoices
  • Create secondary & tertiary economies
  • Our dedicated local & experienced team works as extension of your organization 
  • No additional fees - We don't charge fees for lot relists, chargebacks, etc. 
  • Clear valuable space quickly & minimize organizational expenses 
  • Provide full logistics and disposition support 
  • Full transparency & access to auction reports