Surplus Marketplace

Surplus Marketplace is a full-service Texas Licensed auction company, with a foundational value following “The Golden Rule.”  Do unto others is the guiding principle of our organization, and this simple core value translates to all we do. We carry the simple belief: our business can be beneficial to ALL – whether it’s our Consignors, Bidders, Employees or Vendors. All are equally valued, and we strive to offer the highest level of service while maintaining the utmost integrity.

The Founders of Surplus Marketplace, Jan Williams & Brent Blair, have over 25 years collectively in the Auction Industry, with a specialty focus on surplus medical, dental, and lab equipment. Working under the mentorship and tutelage of Greg Shattuck, Brent & Jan developed a distinct eye for detail and ability to think outside the box. Having personally serviced some of the largest medical contracts in the State of Texas and managed numerous multi-million dollar hospital, dental school, and business liquidation projects, they have the unique foundational understanding of both the acute client needs and the operational requirements, logistics, and intricacies of large-scale projects.

 Jan and Brent previously were instrumental management for an online auction company, originally a live auction company, founded by Greg Shattuck in 1987. Together with Greg, they grew the company to be the leading medical device auction reseller servicing the State of Texas. With Greg’s passing in December 2019, they felt the soul of the company was lost to spreadsheets, numbers and growth; the antithesis of the culture that Greg had created. Surplus Marketplace is founded on those simple principles that he instilled in us. “Always do the right thing.” & “Under promise, and over deliver.”

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Jan and Brent took all they had learned under the years of Greg’s mentorship to carry on the tradition of the man who changed so many lives. Surplus Marketplace was created because we’ve seen the success following a unique business model that is focused on collaboration with our clients and their specific needs. Our goal is service beyond expectation, with truth and transparency in action.